Buy - Sell Unlisted Shares

Now buy sell unlisted shares Pre-IPO become very easy with unlisted stocks trades. We present a simple order book e-form for every retails & HNI investors. You can submit your unlisted shares order with us within few seconds now onwards. Just fill your basic details related your order into blanks and submit with us. We will revert back with positive outcome for your order.


Unlisted Stocks Trades team always works to fulfill its client or investor order on same working day where we follow the tat complete the order within T+2 days. But as per our daily practice in unlisted shares field we always ensure to complete the order within same day or within 24 working hrs. which builds long term relationship & trust with our clients.


Buyer is required to give following details: Name, Address, PAN, Client Master List copy, Bank Details and UTR no. We/Sellers will ensure the smooth transfer of an agreed number of shares in Buyer’s DEMAT at agreed delivered delivery time, no 3rd Party transactions are entertained. (Shares will be transferred in the Buyer DEMAT as verified by CML)

By confirming the above deal or by Transferring the monies in our account Buyer/yourself is confirming that the aforesaid deal/transaction is in your name /account and commensurate with your income, net worth, general / business profile and risk-taking appetite. Buyer/Representative unconditionally and irrevocably confirms and declares that he has taken a conscious decision to invest in the above-mentioned security as per the details given above. Before making an investment in the said security, Buyer has carefully understood about the type of security, nature of the transaction, the issuer of the security and all other information as required for his/theirinformed decision making. Buyer also fully understand the various risks associated with the investment in the aforesaid security and buyer is
capable of taking the risks posed by such security including but not limited to (a) Credit Risk i.e. inability of the issuer to service the contractual obligations on account of financial deterioration or otherwise; (b) Liquidity Risk i.e. inability to find ready liquidity for the said security due to lack or absence of trading or otherwise; (c) Instrument Risk i.e. risks arising out of nature and status of the instrument (d) Capital Risk i.e. can lose his capital also because of market conditions

Buyer hereby confirms that in case the seller is not able to provide inventory because of any reasons he has to return the transaction amount in the same account through which the funds are received without any penalty or interest and it is obligatory for the buyer to honor and pay the agreed amount in spite of any circumstances,force majeure clause won’t be applicable here for the buyer ofshares

Buyer hereby confirm that he has neither been influenced nor been given any assurance of guaranteed/fixed returns/capital protection, in any manner whatsoever, by Divadhvik Corporate Services Pvt Ltd/ Employees/Business Associates/Channel Partners/Associate or relationship manager in relation to the investment(s)/transaction(s) detailed above. Any representation on financial numbers in our reports or IPO dates can change and seller is not responsible for Profit or Loss Arising out any communications, the buyer has to use his own diligence before buying the shares from a third party on which he can rely, Buyer/Representative solely assume and undertake all risks and/or liabilities that may arise out of investment in the said security without any resource or claims of whatsoever in nature, to any person including, but not limited to, the intermediary/counterparty etc. in the said transaction. Buyer is also aware that there can be a situation where IPO Price can be lesser than the price at which you have bought the inventory.