SPC Life Sciences files DRHP with SEBI for proposed IPO

March 31, 2023

SPC Life Science Ltd has submitted primary documents to the Securities Exchange Board of India to gather finances through an original public immolation. The company plans to raise up to Rs 300 crore through a fresh issue of shares and an offer for trade of over to 8.94 million shares by its current protagonist, Snehal Ravjibhai Patel. Presently, Patel holds a 98.18 percent stake in the company.

The finances raised from the fresh issue, amounting to Rs 55 crore, will be employed for the purpose of debt prepayment, while Rs 40 crore will be allocated for meeting the company’s working capital conditions. also, SPC Life Science Ltd plans to allocate Rs122.33 crore towards capital expenditure for setting up Phase 2 at its Dahej Facility, with the end of expanding its product immolations of pharmaceutical interceders. This new installation will enable the manufacture of xanthene derivations, as well as a many other interceders and KSMs for APIs in the anti-depressant and anti-psychotic remedial parts.

previous to February 2023, the company had been operating four manufacturing blocks at a single position in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. In March 2023, SPC Life Science Ltd successfully commissioned the first phase of its new manufacturing point located at Dahej, Gujarat. The new installation includes an automated manufacturing block equipped with programmable sense regulators (Dahej Block- 1), as well as common serviceability, storehouse installations, a quality control lab and executive installations. Ambit Pvt Ltd and HDFC Bank are the lead directors of the issue.

SPC Life is a prominent Indian manufacturer of advanced interceders used in the product of essential active pharmaceutical constituents (APIs), including Amiodarone HCL, Pentoxifylline, Cilostazol, Trazodone, Tramadol, and Paroxetine. Since its commencement, the company has successfully developed and capitalized over 50 Pharma interceders for APIs in 11 different remedial areas, with a strong emphasis on exploration and development in named remedial areas similar as hemorheological cardiovascular, anti-arrhythmic cardiovascular, anti-platelet vasodilators, anti-psychotic and anti-depressants, and anesthetics for use in both the domestic and global pharmaceutical requests.

In the financial time 2021- 2022, the company’s profit increased to Rs145.64 crore from Rs132.95 crore the former time. Net profit for the period also rose to Rs19.23 crore from Rs16.67 crore. The company’s EBITDA periphery expanded from16.96 percent in the former time to20.62 percent in FY22. As of September 2022, the company’s total debt stood at Rs60.61 crore.

About SPC Lifesciences Limited


Established in 2005 in the state of Gujarat, India. SPC Lifesciences is a knowledge driven and an integrated chemical company offering basic and advanced intermediates, key starting materials and custom APIs. From a single product company, today we are leaders in various KSMs and APIs and fully prepared to explore complex chemistries at multiple sites. Over the years, owing to our rapid development strategy, intensive capital investments and aggressive focus on innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner to global pharmaceutical companies.


We are led by qualified and experienced Board of Directors, Key Managerial Personnel and Senior Management, who we believe have extensive knowledge and understanding of the global generic pharmaceutical business environment and have the expertise and vision to scale up our business. Most of our Executive Directors have been associated with our Company since incorporation. Apart from the members on our Board, we believe that the knowledge and experience of our senior and middle- level management team members in the pharmaceutical business provides us with a significant competitive advantage as we seek to grow our business.

Mission, Vision & Philosophy
  • To deliver value to our customers by offering innovative products, services and solutions.
  • To be an integrated pharmaceutical company offering products throughout the pharmaceutical value chain from chemicals to finished formulations.