Oyo restate loses-files fresh IPO docs with SEBI

September 19, 2022

Hospitality establishment Oyo has reported profit from operations of Rs 1459.3 crore in first quarter of the fiscal time 2023 as per an addendum filed with Sebi. Its restated loss for the quarter from continuing operations was at Rs 414 crore, indeed as the company claimed it was its demoiselle EBITDA-positive quarter. As per the rearmost financials filed with Sebi, the company reported Rs 7 crore acclimated EBITDA in the quarter.

Oyo said its profit from operations went up 21% to Rs4781.4 crore in fiscal time 2022 from Rs 3962 crore in fiscal time 2021 due to recovery in trip demand as restrictions on movement lifted across its crucial requests. Its restated loss for FY22 from continuing operations was at Rs 2140 crore, down from Rs4,103 crore in FY21.

The establishment reported a 47% growth in its gross bookings value per hostel in Q1FY23 at Rs3.25 lakh versus Rs2.21 lakh for FY22. The form attributes this to the recovery in trip demand due to the easing of trip and domestic movement restrictions in the requests where it operates.

As per the reported financials, Oyo’s total costs were at Rs 6984 crore in FY22 as against Rs6937 crore in FY21. Oyo has claimed its general and executive charges reduced 44.4% from Rs 927 crore in FY21 to Rs515.4 crore in FY22. The hand charges, net of Esop-grounded compensation, also reduced 26.5% to Rs crore in FY22 from Rs 1520.4 crore in FY21.

Oyo said its ‘storefronts’ were at 1.68 lakh at the end of Q1FY23, over from1.57 lakh at the end of FY21. As per the form, the company accessions included that of Croatian holiday rental company Direct Booker.


In August this time, Oyo had said it had concluded the accession of Europe- grounded vacation homes driver Bornholmske Feriehuse through its attachment DanCenter. The company said the move was a part of its bid to’ expand’ as a full- mound holiday homes provider. ET reported this month that Oyo is looking at a deeper presence in the Southern requests and is planning to add around 600 new hospices and homes in South India by December this time.

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OYO is a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes by providing full stack technology that increases earnings and eases operations. Bringing affordable and trusted accommodation that guests can book instantly. We strive to make the lives of our patrons easier by multiplying revenue channels and using our technological expertise to maximize demand.

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OYO is a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses with hotels and homes by providing full-stack technology that increases revenue and eases operations; bringing easy-to-book, affordable, and trusted accommodation to customers around the world. OYO offers 40+ integrated products and solutions to patrons who operate over 157,000 hotel and home storefronts across India, Europe, and Southeast Asia and 35 countries. Oravel Stays Limited (formerly known as Oravel Stays Private Limited)