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NCL Buildtek Ltd (formerly known as NCL Alltek & Seccolor Limited) is an Unlisted Public Limited Company engaged in manufacturing and selling of Spray Plasters, Paints, Skim Coat, Steel Profiles, Doors, Windows (Steel, ABS & uPVC) and Fly Ash Bricks. Founded by Sri. K. Ramachandra Raju, the company ‘Nagarjuna Cements Limited’ – a mini-cement plant in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh was later changed to NCL BUILDTEK LTD to represent the company’s entire portfolio. The company is part of NCL Group and comprises of Alltek & Seccolor Divisions. It is one of the largest window manufacturers with more than 25 years of experience and 13 units present across nations. NCL Buildtek unlisted shares are available at market prices with unlisted stocks trades


The company provides a dedicated team offering comprehensive range of application, training effective installation with detailed drawings of the products along with designing and manufacturing and maintenance solutions. They have established state of the art manufacturing facilities that is equipped in accordance with the latest technological standards to manufacture supreme products that are uniform in quality. The company’s range of products are recognized and accepted by many State Governments and is well reputed for on-time delivery, flawless execution, hassle-free installation and assured maintenance services post installation.

It focusses on achieving excellence through innovation, reliability and trust and to build a company that offers environmentally sustainable products and services in order to meet customers’ satisfaction and benefit all stakeholders. Their success can be accredited to their undying zeal to excel and provide maximum possible customer satisfaction.

Products & Services

NCL Buildtek Limited has four business verticals: NCL Coatings, NCL Windows, NCL Wall Solutions and NCL Services. It offers a wide range of products and services to its customers.

NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares Details

Details of NCL Buildtek Limited unlisted shares as available in NSDL & CDSL as on dated 31st March 2021



Face Value

₹ 10.00 Per Equity Share



Stock in DP


NCL Buildtek Board Member

NCL Buildtek Limited unlisted shares board member details as on dated 31st March 2021

Sr No

Board Memeber



Ms. Rajni Mishra



Mr. K. Madhu

Vice Chairman


Mr. Ashven Datla

Vice Chairman


Mr. K. Ravi



Mr. Kamlesh Gandhi

Independent Director


Mr. D. Niranjan Reddy

Independent Director

Sr No

Board Memeber



Mr. K. Narasaraju

Independent Director


Mr. P. Aditya Krishna Varma

Executive Director


Dr. K. Satya Subram

Executive Director


Mr. VV J Raju

Executive Director


Mr. K.A. Reddy

Joint Managing Director


Mr. Bh. Subba Raju

Managing Director

NCL Buildtek Unlisted Share Holding Pattern

Details of NCL Buildtek Ltd investor’s shares holding pattern as on 31st March 2021

Name of Shareholders

No. of Shares

Holdings (%)




Mutual Funds






Body Corporates



Individual (Non-Institutions)






NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares Financial Performance

Financial Statement of NCL Buildtek Limited is prepared on year-on-year basis and all data has been taken from audited financial report which is available on their official website

Perticulars (In Lakhs)

March - 22

March - 21

March - 20

Total Revenue




Total Expenses




PBT (Profit Before Tax)




Total Tax




PAT (Profit After Tax)




Total Asset




Earning Per Share (EPS)




Annual Report

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If stock get listed at any respective stock exchange in India than investor have to face 6 months lock-in period from the listing date to next 180 days.
There are two ways to submit your DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) at the time sell NCL Buildtek unlisted shares:-
1.Offline Mode:- Its offline process to transfer your share via physical DIS wherein the seller have to fill the DIS and annexure than submit to your DP or Broker’s office before day End.
2. Online Mode:- Nowadays there are some brokers or DP providing online share transfer facility to their clients. So Seller need to ask contact its DP or Broker to get facilitate for same services & after get approval from DP or broker client can easily transfer NCL Buildtek Unlisted Shares to any buyer.
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