Lava eyeing partnership with Chinese firm

October 19, 2022

Indian smartphone maker Lava International Ltd. is in advanced addresses with China’s Huaqin Technology Co. to produce an electronics manufacturing adventure in the South Asian nation.

The venture would aim to win contracts from US and Chinese guests for exploration and development, design, and manufacturing of electronics products, according to a letter from Lava to India’s technology ministry seen by Bloomberg News. Addresses for the cooperation are close to being completed, according to the letter.

The pact would give the nearly held companies heft as they seek to take on rivals similar as Foxconn Technology Group. The Taiwanese mammoth, which assembles phones for Apple Inc., is among electronics companies that have erected out product capacity in India to diversify beyond China and take advantage of impulses that are part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bournes to make India a manufacturing mecca.

Shanghai- grounded Huaqin, with further than 33,000 workers and deals beating $ 13 billion last time, designs and makes smartphones, laptops, tablets and smartwatches for guests including Vivo, Xiaomi Corp., Samsung Electronics Co., Lenovo Group Ltd., Amazon. Com Inc. and Acer Inc. A cooperation with Lava would give Huaqin deeper access to one of the world’s swift- growing major electronics requests that has a cornucopia of labor cheaper than that in China. For Lava, the pact would bring by much- demanded capital and moxie as the company seeks to come a redoubtable electronics player.

About Lava International Ltd.

A strong culture is what separates great companies from those that perish sooner or later. As everything else, be it an invention or any technology, it can be equaled, if not bettered. Building a strong culture by working with exceptional, like-minded people and having a strong infrastructure of systems and processes to enable the envisioned culture is our highest priority.


Nothing in nature, whether living or inert, exists for its own sake. Everything exists to serve something other than itself. The sun, the air, the earth, every tree, animal or even natural resources are examples of this. The greater its contribution to others, the greater is the power that is bestowed upon it. As human beings, at the smallest level, we exist for our immediate families.

As we allow the radius to expand, it covers the larger community that we are a part of, and eventually we exist for all of humanity. The greater number of people we impact, the greater is the power that we receive from the cosmos. It is the fundamental law of nature.

It is the conscious understanding of this simple universal principle that forms the core purpose of Lava – “To empower people to do more, to be more.” This includes all stakeholders – consumers, partners, employees, shareholders and society as a whole.

External circumstances are more or less the same for everyone, so it stands to reason that the main difference between success and failure is purely internal. For the individual, the internal factor is their character, and for the collective, it is culture, which comprises the shared beliefs, behaviors and actions of a group of people.

Lava follows a belief system that anything is possible when conceived with clarity and pursued with commitment, conviction, focus and determination. It is expressed as – Create Possibilities. While belief forms the foundation of a culture, values are its pillars. For Lava, these pillars are built on the dictum of “do what is right and do it right”, which are manifested into our values of integrity, passion for excellence and adaptability.