ixigo in ‘wait and watch mode’ for Rs 1,600-crore IPO

August 4, 2022

Online trip aggregator ixigo, which entered a nonsupervisory nod for its proposed Rs 1,600- crore IPO in December last time, is still in a ‘stay and watch mode’ for its public request debut indeed as the launch- up reported a 184% y- o- y increase in profit from operations for the fiscal time ended March 2022. Aloke Bajpai, Group CEO &co-founder of ixigo, told FE in a commerce that the trip aggregator’s IPO blessing from requests controller SEBI is valid until December 2022. “We’re presently working on the timing of the IPO, which depends on how conducive the (trip) request is in the coming many months. We’ve been advised by our bankers to kind of stay for the right time and as and when we’re advised to go ahead, that’s when we will do. So, it’ll be delicate to guide on any timeline incontinently,” said Bajpai.

According to the establishment’s DRHP, the issue comprises a fresh issue of equity shares worth Rs 750 crore and an offer for trade (OFS) of over to Rs 850 crore. The OFS correspond of deals of over to Rs 50 crore each by Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, Rs 550 crore by Saif mates India IV and Rs 200 crore by Micromax Informatics. presently, Bajpai holds 9.18%, Rajnish Kumar 8.79%, SAIF Partners 23.97% and Micromax 7.61% stake in the establishment.

Bajpai added during the interview that the company is ‘sufficiently well capitalized’ and has enough runway to support operations for the foreseeable future without a demand to raise fresh backing anytime soon. “We haven’t been kind of making any cash losses as similar in a material way at least in the last three times. For the moment, we’re sufficiently well capitalized. For us, any fresh backing will primarily be used for expansion and looking for new accession and investment openings,” added Bajpai.

In FY22, ixigo reported Rs 451.51 crore in profit from operations, which is over by 184% y-o-y compared to Rs 158.84 crore in the former fiscal time. The establishment reported a net loss of Rs 21.09 crore in FY22, although it reported a profit of Rs7.53 crore in the former time. ixigo’s Ebitda loss for FY22 was at Rs 6.95 crore as compared to a positive Ebitda of Rs 6.14 crore in the former time.


The company said that a good knob of its unborn profit is anticipated to come from lower municipalities and metropolises which are decreasingly turning to online trip and marking platforms to buy both machine and train tickets. In FY19, FY20 and FY21, the chance of deals reserved through ixigo’s OTA (online trip aggregator) platforms, where either an origin or destination was anon-tier-I megacity were 83.89% , 87.48%  and 92.60%, independently.

“Druggies in league- II, III, IV requests have been more flexible while showcasing advanced demand after the trip member bounced post the alternate surge. utmost of their bookings was made across either trains and motorcars which are now running in nearly full capacities, especially those running to lower league municipalities,” said Bajpai.

The launch- up had made two accessions lately, including cash and stock accession of machine marking platform Abhibus in August 2021, and train marking platform Confirmtkt in February 2021. As of March 2022, ixigo claimed to have touched 5 million diurnal active druggies cumulatively across ixigo trains, ixigo breakouts, Confirmtkt, and AbhiBus apps and websites. It also crossed 8.47 million yearly downloads and 55.45 million yearly active druggies in the month of March 2022.

This summer, the hospitality assiduity’s affordable luxury 4-5star hospices and resorts have seen growth in demand of over to 2x of pre-pandemic, but budget hospices haven’t seen that kind of instigation coming back, according to Bajpai.

He added that FY23 will probably substantiation growth for the assiduity as commercial and SME trippers have come back into the system. still, the recent airfare hike due to rising oil painting prices has driven guests towards trains and motorcars, which have shown phenomenal growth during the last two times.

“Indian aeronautics has seen a 40% rise in domestic airfares and 70- 80 rise in transnational fares on some routes this summer. numerous airlines aren’t indeed operating their lines to their full strength. India’s airline request bounced back in Q1 FY23 but our data analysis shows that the number of air trippers was still around a 3.65 lakh per day position – lower than the pre-pandemic figure of around 4.1 lakh,” said Bajpai.

Launched in 2007 by Bajpai, Ixigo is concentrated on empowering trippers to plan, book and manage their peregrination by using artificial intelligence, machine literacy and data wisdom- led inventions. It’s presently the second biggest OTA in India by operating earnings in FY22 with MakeMyTrip being the request leader.