Infurnia (BSE Startup IPO) to raise Rs 38.2 crore

September 1, 2022

Infurnia, an armature and design software company, has filed for an IPO to raise Rs38.2 crore and is the largest table on the BSE incipiency board. The IPO will be launched on 6 September and close on the 9th.

Infurniaco-founders Nikhil Kumar and Lovepreet Mann will hold the largest share in the incipiency at a combined share of 50.64%. “The incipiency aims to invest Rs29.02 crore in its wholly- possessed attachment, while Rs8.68 crore will be used for general commercial purposes,” the company said.

According to the IPO prospectus, the table will allow Infurnia to expand and diversify its pall- grounded immolations. The finances will also be directed towards expanding the platoon, moxie and capabilities by entering into new request parts and acquiring new guests.

About Infurnia Technology Ltd.

Architecture Design Simpler, Collaborative, and Accessible

Our Vision

At Infurnia, we believe the future of the design industry lies in cloud-based platforms. Taking advantage of improving web technologies and digital infrastructure, Infurnia brings all the benefits of a cloud-based platform to the design industry, at a disruptive price. Our focus is to create an integrated and easy to access design platform for the architecture and interior design ecosystem. We are working towards pioneering a full-fledged parametric BIM (Building Information Modelling) design software on the cloud.


A core pillar of Infurnia’s vision is to create an integrated platform where all the stakeholders involved in the design, build and operate phases of a building lifecycle can seamlessly communicate over same digital design with each other; from the architects designing the building to the engineers performing strength analysis; from the site contractors developing the project to the facilities managers operating it; from the interior designers to the end customers; from the furniture retailers to the modular furniture manufacturers; This will enhance productivity and bring digital accountability on every stakeholder’s action across disciplines throughout the life cycle of the project.

Why Choose Infurnia?

Simplified BIM

With Infurnia, the “Information” part of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is baked right into the modeling and designing part itself. You can create muti-layered walls, define spaces, attach properties to spaces and any elements, and so much more.


Infurnia helps you streamline your workflow by integrating with all your existing systems. Infurnia can be integrated with your ERP, CRM, pricing engines, company login systems, and many more to help you get the best out of all your tools.

Platform Independent

Being a web-based architecture design software, Infurnia can be accessed from any platform. You can now seamlessly create designs on Windows, Mac, Linux, or even mobile OS like iOS or Android. All your data is always at your fingertips, no matter where you access Infurnia from.

BIM Design Software

BIM can be complicated, Infurnia makes it easy. Infurnia is a cloud-native BIM Design Software that enables you to intuitively implement BIM in your designs, collaborate easily, and faster across functions, and manage project data efficiently.

  • Architecture Design Software

Infurnia is a cloud-based Architecture Design Software that enables you to design buildings in a highly collaborative way. With Infurnia’s availability on all platforms, you can now work on your designs anytime, anywhere.

  • Interior Design Software

Infurnia is a cloud-based Interior Design Software that enables you to design beautiful interiors in a fast and easy way. With a large product catalog & custom shape tool, you can now create inspiring designs efficiently.

  • Kitchen Design Software

for all your design to manufacturing needs. Infurnia is a cloud-based Kitchen Design Software that enables you to design beautiful modular kitchens in a fast and easy way. With Infurnia’s catalog management & pricing engine, generate BOQ & pricing instantly.