Guide to Invest in Unlisted Shares

Unlisted Shares
January 13, 2022

Unlisted Shares were formerly only accessible to private equity firms, banks, hedge funds and few other privileged groups. But now, everyone can invest in pre-ipo shares with the help of a proper procedure and also with the help of certified pre-ipo shares dealers.


l  High-Value Investments: 

     As these shares are not extremely liquid like the listed shares, but they are often undervalued or overvalued for some period of time. As a result of which any investor can invest in it a low price and can earn an easy profit.

l  Risk Diversification: 

    Those investors who are involved in investing in the listed market can get an opportunity to diversify its risk by investing in unlisted shares.

l  High-Growth Investments: 

      Unlisted companies are small and have to reach a stage to go public to raise funds for their business. Investing while the firm is tiny and investing through its growth when it lists on public markets generally generates large returns. 

l  Peace of Mind: 

      Values of unlisted shares are relatively constant and investors does not need to worry about the prices.

Good Way to Invest in Pre-IPO Shares?

It’s tough to identify the proper company, and it’s much more difficult to find a means to invest in them. However, there are a variety of methods to invest in these thriving enterprises, including: 

l  Consult with pre-ipo shares dealers in India specializing in capital raising and unlisted shares. They will advise and guide you on how to invest in a pre-IPO firm. 

l  Keep up with the latest news on which companies are doing well. 

l  For information on firms seeking capital, contact your local lenders. 

l  Expand your company network.

l  Become an angel investor to establish yourself in the angel community.


There are many individuals in the world who only rely on the earnings from investing in the shares of the company. Unpopular reality is investing in unlisted shares from the corporations can help you to earn lot of money. Therefore, investing in those company’s shares which are in early stage of growth may result in a good profit. 

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