Droneacharya Aerial inventions files DRHP for SME IPO

October 21, 2022

Droneacharya Aerial inventions filed DRHP with request controller Sebi for their IPO on Thursday. The company will be issuing an aggregate of 62.90 lakh equity shares of Rs 10 all via the book- structure route. The equity shares of the company are proposed to be listed on BSE’s SME Platform (BSE SME).

The proceeds from the proposed immolation will be used by the company to buy drones and other accessories, and for other general commercial charges. For the time ended June 2022, the company reported a total income of Rs3.08 crore and a net profit of Rs72.06 lakh.

Droneacharya Aerial inventions, incorporated in the time 2017, is a full- fledged innovative data result company which provides a complete ecosystem of drone results for multi-sensor drone checks, data processing of Drone and robust high- configuration tackle for drone delivery, drone in a box result for automated check and surveillance and drone airman training, along with Civilians data processing, Python coding and assiduity-specific courses.

About DroneAcharya Aerial inventions

At DroneAcharya, we emphasize on the importance of knowledge, be it by delivering drone solutions or by training drone flight pilots.



A Group of “Solutioneering” Experts

We emerge from diverse backgrounds and have one common goal: ‘Giving wings to the Indian Skies.’ Backed with some of the most experienced drone and GIS gurus, we, at DroneAcharya, are continuously striving towards innovative solutions for every industry.

EXPERIENCE : Accounting for more than 400 man-years of experience in the Drone and GIS industry.

DIVERSITY : We have team hands-on experience in more than 10 industrial domains.

PIONEERS : Our team boasts of members who have been the pioneers in trying and testing drones and GIS.

QUALITY : We assure you of high-quality actionable GIS outputs to leverage your workflows.


Discover the Unknown Easily with Live View, Inspection & 3D Modeling Your   Assets Underwater!

Power Lines & Utilities

  • Monitor the ROW of your assets with ease

Mines & Quarries

  • Gain valuable insights of your mines

Energy & Renewables

  • Increase the ROI of your RE assets

Roads & Highways

  • Systematically Plan & Monitor Your Assets

Urban & Rural Planning

  • Gain smart solutions for Smart Cities

Agriculture & Irrigation

  • We help you improve crop productivity