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Established by Government of Kerala, INKEL Limited is built on the business model of Public private partnership (PPP) that brings together government agencies, prominent global investors, NRI industrialists/ businessmen with specific intent of channelizing private capital as well as professional competency into large scale projects such as industrial business park, roads and bridges, power, transport, trade centres etc. INKEL Limited has also been appointed as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)/ Project Management Consultants (PMC) by various departments of Government of Kerala like Department of Health and family welfare, Department of Tourism, Department of General and Higher Education, for implementing projects from concept to completion for ensuring quality, transparency and cost effectiveness. Inkel Unlisted shares are available with Unlisted Stocks Trades.


For the ease of execution of various projects across state, INKEL has partnered with major companies to form new entities such as INKEL KSIDC Projects Limited, INKES Trade Centre Limited etc. Based on its performance in the Solar EPC sector of Kerala, the company has been selected as the “Solar EPC Company of the Year” by SolarQuarter and presented with an award in the “State Business Meet Awards 2022- Kerala” event in Cochin.

It provides a conductive platform for private investors in Kerala and beyond and is on its way to materialize as a one stop destination for accomplishing large scale infrastructural projects and an instrument for fast-track development of the state’s economy.

Product and Services

INKEL offers services ranging from concept development to the completion and handling over of projects in different sectors.

INKEL Unlisted Shares Details

Details of INKEL Limited unlisted shares as available in NSDL & CDSL as on dated 31st March 2021



Face Value

₹ 10.00 Per Equity Share



Stock in DP


INKEL Board Members

INKEL Ltd unlisted shares board member details as on dated 31st March 2021

Sr No

Board Memeber



Shri P Rajeeve



Dr. K Ellangovan IAS

 Nominee Director


Shri Varghese Kurian



Shri C V Rappai



Shri Jayakrishnan Krishna Menon



Shri Jaocb Kovoor

 Independent Director


Smt. Vidhya Sangeeth

 Independent Director



 Managing Director

INKEL Share Holding Pattern

Details of Inkel Ltd investor’s shares holding pattern as on 31st March 2021

Name of Shareholders

No. of Shares

Holdings (%)

Promoter (State Government)



Indian Individual



Government companies






Body corporate



Foreign Holdings & Others



INKEL Financial Performance

Financial Statement of INKEL Limited is prepared on year-on-year basis and all data has been taken from audited financial report which is available on their official website

Perticulars (In Rupees)

March - 21

March - 20

March - 19

Total Revenue




Total Expenses




PBT (Profit Before Tax)




Total Tax




PAT (Profit After Tax)




Total Asset




Earning Per Share (EPS)




Annual Report

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If stock get listed at any respective stock exchange in India than investor have to face 6 months lock-in period from the listing date to next 180 days.
There are two ways to submit your DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip) at the time sell Inkel unlisted shares:-
1.Offline Mode:- Its offline process to transfer your share via physical DIS wherein the seller have to fill the DIS and annexure than submit to your DP or Broker’s office before day End.
2. Online Mode:- Nowadays there are some brokers or DP providing online share transfer facility to their clients. So Seller need to ask contact its DP or Broker to get facilitate for same services & after get approval from DP or broker client can easily transfer Inkel Unlisted Shares to any buyer.
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