Blue Jet Healthcare files DRHP with SEBI for IPO

blue jet healthcare
September 5, 2022

Blue Jet Healthcare, a specialty medicinal and healthcare component and intermediate company, has filed its draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) with request controller Sebi for an original public immolation (IPO). The proposed issue would be a complete offer- for- trade (OFS) of up to 21,683,178 equity shares by the protagonist and dealing shareholders and comprises up to 18,366,311 shares by Akshay Bansarilal Arora and up to 3,316,867 by Shiven Akshay Arora.

Blue Jet Healthcare is promoted by its Administrative president Akshay Bansarilal Arora. The company operates under the “Blue Jet” brand name and has capabilities and manufacturing capabilities in discrepancy media interceders and high- intensity sweeteners, including saccharin and its mariners as well as active pharmaceutical constituents.

Saccharin is primarily used in tabletop sweeteners, oral care products similar as toothpaste and mouthwashes, potables (primarily soft drinks), and confectionary products. Differ media, on the other hand, are agents used in medical imaging to enhance the visibility of body apkins under X-rays, reckoned tomography, glamorous resonance imaging, or ultrasound.

The company’s business model focuses on collaboration, development, and manufacturing of complex chemistry orders. The company has developed over 100 products with over 40 products commercialized in the last five decades.

An aggregate of 76.06 per cent of Blue Jet’s income in FY22 came from Europe, followed by India (17.14 per cent) and the USA (4.18 per cent). Its profit from operations increased 36.94 per cent to Rs683.47 crore for FY22 from Rs498.93 crore in FY21, led by an increase in the profit from the deals of discrepancy media intermediate and from the deals of high- intensity sweeteners. Profit after duty for the time rose 33.73 per cent to Rs181.59 crore in FY22 from Rs135.79 crore in FY21.

Blue Jet healthcare

The company was a net debt-free company as of June 30, 2022. It has periodic and multiyear force contracts that range from one to four times. Over the course of three times, the company has provisioned to further than 350 guests across 35 countries some of them being Colgate Palmolive NSE-0.90% (India) and Unilever, in the sweetener space; Hovione Farmaciencia, and Esperion rectifiers Incin the pharmaceutical interceders, API and CDMO area and GE Healthcare and Guerbet in the discrepancy media area.

As of March 31, 2022, the company operated three manufacturing installations, in Shahad, Ambernath, and Mahad in the state of Maharashtra. Kotak Mahindra NSE1.59% Capital Company, ICICI Securities NSE-0.01%, and J.P. Morgan India Private Limited are the books running lead directors and Link Intime India Private Limited is the register to the offer. The equity shares are proposed to be listed on BSE and NSE.

About Blue Jet Healthcare ltd.

We are a global, science-led, pharmaceutical company evolved as Strategic Partner for Collaboration, Development & Manufacturing of advance Pharmaceutical Intermediates and API. Having 53 years of history, our know-how and expertise has grown over many years in the development, scale up and commercialization which has now been expanded to include contract development. As a result of continued pipeline delivery and commercial execution we have a longstanding, extensive relationships with our customers.

Vision, Mission & Value

Our vision is to be integrated growth partner of choice in Global Pharmaceutical and Healthcare arena. Committing our-selves to customer delight by delivering Prompt and Sustainable solutions.